What is Tony Time? One of Tony Fergusons best lines!

What is Tony Time?

Tony Time is a reference to line that Tony Ferguson delivered during a UFC press conference in November 2019. It was in response to a question that his then planned opponent Khabib Nurmagomedov asked of Dana White about “what time is it?” See clip below for context.

He did not specify exactly what constitutes Tony Time but we are presuming its the time when he tries to inflict his unique brand of pain upon somebody in the UFC Octagon. Tony Ferguson has never been in a boring UFC fight so we are always eager to see as much Tony time as well.

Tony Ferguson Interesting Facts

He is of Mexican descent

Tony was corn in California but both if his parents hail from Mexico. His surname is taken from his Scottish American stepfather. Tony’s nickname “El Cucuy” pay tribute to his mexican roots. The name comes from Mexican folklore and refers to a ghost like monster. The nickname was given to him when one of Ferguson’s coaches commented that hey resembled the Central American boogie man.

He is a Massive Baseball Fan

Tony’s a massive fan of baseball and has previously made comments about how he would like to try his hand at baseball and have a stint in the MLB. He regularly brings baseballs into press conferences too and has in some cases given them to his fans.

Received Black Belt Formerly Belonging To legendary Jean Jacques Machado

Jean Jacques Machado is a legendary BJJ competitior and one of the pioneers of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the USA. He is the instructor of Eddie Bravo and Joe Rogan and runs a number of very popular schools. Eddie Bravo is Tony Fergusons coach at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu and Eddie is the person who awarded Tony a black belt in Jiu Jitsu. 10th Planet do not usually train in the traditional BJJ Gi but they still award belts as part of their promotion ceremonies.

When it came time to promote Tony in 2017, Eddie decided to present him with the black belt fom his own waist which was the same belt that previously belonged to Jean Jacques Machado.

Beat Jon Jones in College Wrestling Match

Jon Jones is better recognised as a striker in MMA but his fighting base comes from wrestling. Tony has previously claimed that he defeated Jones in a wrestling match when they were both at college. There is no video evidence of the event and Jones has not commented on it either.

Had a restraining order filed against him

In 2019 Tony Ferguson had a difficult year with several reports of erratic Beauvoir on his behalf. In the same year his wife filed a restraining order. In her application she asked that her husband undergo a yearlong “batterer intervention program” and undergo psychiatric evaluation and treatment.