Tatami Gi Review 2019

Tatami are one of the best known brands in BJJ. Originally founded in the UK in 2009 they have since established themselves as a worldwide BJJ brand. They are best known for their Gi’s, stylish rashguards, and their BJJ leisurewear. In our Tatami Gi Review below we look at 3 of the company’s most current and most popular Gi’s

Tatami sponsor a number of top athletes such as JT Torres, and Vitor ‘Shaolin’ Ribeiro, as well as a number of up and coming athletes. They are also one half of the team that run the Polaris grappling organisation.

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Tatami Nova BJJ GI

The Tatami Nova is Tatami’s basic Gi designed with the novice in mind.

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Although designed for beginners the Gi does not lack any durability or functionality when compared to any other Gi’s in the Tatami range

It is competitively price compared to other similar novice Gi’s.


The Nova design is simple and classic. The tatami logo is stitched on both shoulders. Apart from this there is very little other branding on the Gi apart from a small logo on the pants.

There is plenty of room for adding patches if you desire.


The chart below provides the a detailed look at the different body sizes and . In my experience the chart is very accurate and if I am between sizes I tend to choose the bigger option to allow for shrinkage.


The best feature of this Gi is it’s durability. The Gi is build solid and will serve you well in all types of training.

If you are a white belt you may only own one or two Gi’s and they will get lots of heavy use. The Nova is the perfect Gi to withstand such use.

After 2 years of very regular use I retired my Nova as the Gi had become a bit stiff from too much washing in hard water. However the structure of the Gi is perfectly in tact and there is no evidence of fraying.


It is easy to spend a lot of time searching for cool Gi’s that claim to offer something that the others don’t. However most people just need a solid Gi that is durable, well designed, and offers good value for money. The Nova ticks all three of these boxes and that is why it is the best beginners Gi on the market.

Estilo 6.0

The Estilo is the flagship gi in Tatami’s collection.

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Now in it’s 6th iteration the Estilo continues improve upon what Tatami refer to as their “crown jewel”.

In this version, Tatami have added extra details in the embroidery and design which are a nice touch and really give the gi that premium feel. I also love some of the colors offered. The black on black option makes a welcome return and is my personal gi of choice.


The devil is in detail in the Estilo 6.0. The high quality of stitching and embroidery can be seen throughout the gi. Everywhere you look on this Gi you find new little details that you previously missed.

Subtle design touches can even be seen on the tag and the inside of the sleeve cuffs. It is clear to see that a lot of thought has gone into the design and it does give the gi that premium feel.

The kimono also sees a return of the Y shaped jacket vent which provides a better fit along the base of the jacket.


Tatami are one of the more reliable brands when it comes to sizing. Tatami have long standing relationships with their suppliers which means there is very little sizing deviance in their products.

The size chart below is very accurate and the Estilo 6.0 is also offered in the in between L sizes which is always a welcome addition.


As mentioned above the stitching on the Estilo is top quality. Stress points in Gi and pants have been clearly reinforced which helps to prolong the lifespan of the Gi.

The lapels are thick and are difficult to grip which reminds me of old Judo Gi’s that tended to last for years. After 9 months of very regular use the Gi has not lost color, changed in size, and still feels great to wear.


The Estilo 6.0 is a solid upgrade on what was already a top product. The small details in the stitching and design show you that Tatami have really taken their time in the design of their flagship Gi. Apart from that the Estilo 6.0 offers the usual high quality durability and performance that we have come to expect with the other versions.

In short- still one of the best gi’s on the market!

See here for our full review.

Zero G V3

Tatami have lots of experience producing ultralight Gi’s. 

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The Zero 3, now in it’s 3rd incarnation, is an ultralight Gi that is constructed to the same high standard of every other Tatami Gi.

An A2 version of this Gi weighs only 3.3 pounds which is as light as any Gi I have ever owned. What makes this Gi great is that despite only weighing 3.3 lbs the Gi still has 11 Oz cotton pants and 475gsm Pearl Weave.


The Zero G V3 branding is strategically placed on the jacket shoulders, back of the neck and on both legs. Apart from that there is not much else to get excited about in terms of design.


The good news is that the Zero G comes in L sizes for those of us who do not fit standard sizes. The difference between a A2XL an A3 is subtle but it can make a big difference to your ability to move freely. This is particularly important for people who are looking at this Gi to wear while competing.


Despite being the lightest Gi I have ever owned there is no obvious compromise in terms of durability. The pants feel very light and I can only presume that it would take less pressure to rip them than my Estilo 6.0 pants.

However after 7 months of regular use the pants remain very much in tact with very little sign of wear.


The Zero G is not cheap but the lightness, combined with the durability and tapered fit options make this the perfect Gi for competition. The Zero G branding looks well and the tapered fit and extra sizes will ensures for a very comfortable wear.