Why you are never too ‘unfit’ to start Jiu-Jitsu

At the start of any new year many people will set themselves goals of weight loss and improved fitness. The majority of people will join a gym with the intent of doing fitness classes or sticking to weekly program of training.

However some others may look at alternative ways of improving fitness and may even try out a new sport. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is an ideal sport for anyone who is interested in losing weight or improving their fitness. It is also has plenty of other benefits such as learning how to defend yourself, improved flexibility, and the opportunity to make new friends to name just a few.

Fear of fitness

However many people who have a desire to start BJJ will never take the plunge. The most common reason they never make it to the first class is fear. This fear is typically rooted in a¬†misconception of¬† “I am too unfit” for BJJ. This misconception that BJJ beginners require a base level of fitness could not be further from the truth. BJJ definitely does require a decent level of fitness to be proficient but this will come with time.

A good school and instructor will be able to quickly assess your level of fitness and will only allow you to do techniques that will not risk injury. On the first few days of BJJ you typically only learn a few basic key movements that do not require much if any fitness.

When you have a decent grasp on these techniques you can then progress onto more complex movements and drill and maybe even some light sparring.

Advice to new starters

  1. The people with colored belts all started as a beginner white belt just like you
  2. Fitness and weight loss can be achieved in as little as 3-6 weeks of regular BJJ training.
  3. Take the time to research local schools and choose a BJJ gym that is reputable and has a recognized instructor.
  4. Just turn up at the first class. If you never try it you will never know
  5. Don’t worry about having the right gear and clothing. BJJ Gyms do not expect day 1 beginners to have the perfect clothing.