Kingz Gi Review 2019

Kingz Kimonos are a premium BJJ brand that first appeared in 2011 in the UK. In the time since then they have gone on to become one of the most recognizable brands in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

They sponsor several of the sports top competitors such as Leandro Lo, Bruno Malfacine, and Kaynan Duarte along with a number of rising color belt athletes.

Kingz have offices in the UK and the US and ship their products to dozens of other countries. They are primarily known for their Gi’s and fight wear but also produce a number of lines of leisurewear.

There kimonos are generally manufactured to a high spec and they tend to update their flagship products with new versions each year. E.g Ballistico 2.0 and Comp 450 V5.

Here is a short review of some of Kingz most popular Gi’s.

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Balistico 2.0

The Kingz Balistico 2.0 seems to have become the main premium offering from Kingz. Offering a serious mix of style, comfort, and performance, the Balistico is a serious Kimono. 

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The Balistico also offers the usual extras that we have come to expect from Kingz including Vulcanized rubber lapels, exquisite stitching and detail, and 8 Oz cotton pants. It is quite a lightweight Gi and may also appeal to people interested in competing. The Gi comes preshrunk and offers L sizes (EG A2L) for those of us who do not fit the standard sizes.

What sets this Gi apart is the look and feel. The Gi feels light and the quality in the design and construction is apparent immediately. The pants are light which allows ease of movement while the jacket is thick and soft and never feels stiff.

As you might expect the price of this Gi is on the higher end of the scale but is in line with other premium Gi’s from the top brands.

Basic 2.0

There will always be a big demand for an entry level Gi’s to the high turnover of people that begin the martial art. 

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When you start BJJ all you need is a basic Gi. You do not need fancy interior artwork, ultralight competition material, or fancy designs. However you should still try and find a Gi that is durable and will stand up to everyday training and the Kingz Basic 2.0 gives you just that.

The Basic 2.o comes with a white belt but it is not just for newbies as it is a quality basic Gi that is suitable anyone.

This Gi has some nice branding with simple woven patches on both shoulders and the Kingz crown on the back. As is the case with all Kingz Gi’s the jacket is woven from one piece of Fabric and has a heat resistant vulcanized rubber collar.

The best thing about this Gi is the price. It is very affordable and offers great value for the quality that you get.


The Kingz Nano is an ultralight Gi that is perfect for competitors worried about the scale or for anyone that just prefers lighter Gi’s. 

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A common problem with ultralight Gi’s is that the reduction in material used means that the Gi is less durable and more lightly to rip. I am pleased to report this is not the case with the Nano. The jacket is made from a 370 GSM Pearl Weave and the pants from 8oz cotton. The quality of the stitching is evident and the the Gi never feels flimsy.

This Gi feels soft like the extra L sizes ensure that you can get a perfect fit for your body type

The branding on the Gi is subtle and there is lots of room to add patches if you desire.

Without doubt one of the best ultralight Gi’s available on the market.

Sovereign 2.0

Designed by artist and Evan Mannweiler, the Kingz Limited Edition Sovereign 2.0 Gi features a durable. 

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Mannweiler is also a BJJ blackbelt at ATOS under Andre Galvao. He has also collaborated with other major fightwear brands such Tatami, and OK kimonos as well as Nike.

Mannweilers artwork is featured on the interior of the Gi which also contains Kingz own sublimated Coolmax material which allows the Gi to breathe.

The Sovereign comes with 100% cotton 450 GSM Pearl Weave Plus jacket and 11 oz drill cotton pants.

This is a really cool Gi if you don’t mind paying a bit extra.