FloArena -How FloSports tournament & Event system works

If you are a grappling or wrestling fan you may have already have come across FloArena when trying to watch up an event or find the result of a match. Over the past year FloArena has changed the way fans have been able to interact with live events and the success of the software means that FloSports is likely to roll it out to their other sport websites.

What is FloArena?

FloArena is a turnkey event management software that is wholly owned by FloSports. The software provides access to real time tournament information and unique content. Currently it is only available on the FloWrestling and FloGrappling verticals.

The FloArena software gives fans an overview and access to tournament content that was not previously available. For example, on FloWrestling a fan can follow a live tournament and get an overview of divisions, brackets, and all matches in real time. For major competitions there is usually links to the live stream of each match that can be watched in FloZone. You can also get notifications letting you know when your favorite competitor is about to step on the mat. If you cannot watch the event live you can go back at a later date to see all the results and watch the archived videos for the major competitions.

From a tournament organizer’s point of view, FloArena provides a platform that helps them to run their competitions much smoother. It also has a registration system that allows organizers to set up tournaments with a registration interface for potential participants. The software also provides clock support and a variety of other third-party integrations for the running of each event on the day. Apart from improving the experience of fans and event organizers the FloArena platform also helps with the promotion of the sport and by making numerous events available to a much larger audience than was previously possible.

The success of FloArena means that FloSports are likely to roll it out to their other major sport channel verticals in the coming years.


FloArena on FloGrappling.com

What Events are on FloArena?

As previously mentioned FloArena is currently only available on both the FloWrestling and FloGrappling websites. Both websites are now featuring competitions at all levels on the platform. From local competitions to major competitions like the ADCC and World Championships.

In 2015 FloWrestling partnered with Matside Productions. Matside are a prolific wrestling event organizer who run United States nationwide tournaments such as the Super 32 Challenge and Beast of the East, spanning youth, high school and college competitions. All of these events and many other major wrestling meets and tournaments now appear on the FloArena platform.

Who are Flosports?

FloSports are a digital media company that was founded by Martin and Mark Floreani in 2006. The company is based in Austin, Texas and currently employs approximately 250+ people. FlosportsThey brothers started the company to fill a void in the way their own sport of track running was covered in the media. The company currently run a number of channels on separate websites with each site tailored for a specific sport. These websites all provide a mix of live coverage of events, articles, rankings, archived videos, and other content. Current Flo verticals include FloTrack, FloWrestling, FloSoftball, FloGrappling, FloCheer and FloBoxing. The coverage and live streaming of many these sports is something that was not previously available to their loyal fan bases.

TV coverage in the United States is dominated by the four major sports and it is hard for smaller niche sports to get any coverage. Flo are providing content for this group of people who actually make up quite a significant audience when added together. Many of the Flo sports also appeal to audiences that are based in other regions of the world.

FloSports product comes at a time when cable cord-cutting is accelerating at a rapid rate. Major streaming platforms such as Netflix and Disney are capturing large parts of the TV market. There is a similar demand for sports content and Flo are well positioned to deliver quality content for niche sports that the likes of ESPN and Fox cannot currently provide.


The Future of FloArena & FloSports

FloSports continues to go from strength to strength each year. In 2019 they closed a $47 million Series C funding round to lock in contracts with new sporting organizations. This new investment was led by the New York-based media giant Discovery Inc with support from numerous other backers such as World Wrestling Entertainment. the Ferttita brothers of UFC fame.

FloArena represents an additional avenue stream for Flo. Originally Flo were only profiting from their subscription service for their content. FloArena’s offering of registration and tournament organisation taps into a whole different stream of potential revenue for the company.

As it looks to enter the leagues of broadcasting giants like ESPN, Austin sports and digital content start-up FloSports has closed a $47 million Series C funding round to lock in contracts with new sporting organizations.

The additional funding allows Flo to continue to add new sporting leagues, and organizations to their growing portfolio. They have established the technology and processes required to deliver quality content for these niche sports so no it is just a matter of scaling the business. In the coming years it would not be surprising if the company was acquired by a major Media player such as Disney.