Who is Echo Charles? Jocko Podcast producer and BJJ blackbelt

Echo Charles is the friend and co-host of Jocko Willink and the popular Jocko podcast. He has been part of the podcast since its inception in December 2015.

Echo and Jocko seem to have crossed paths while training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Victory MMA. When Jocko came up for the idea of the podcast he sought out somebody to help him with the production. Despite a lack of expertise Echo decided to offer his services and suddenly the two friends had formed a partnership.

Echo Charles grew up in Kauai, Hawaii where he played College football for the University of Hawaii. He is a health and fitness advocate and supplements his BJJ training by lifting weights. In 2019 Echo was promoted to black belt inn BJJ by Dean Lister and Jocko Willink while at the 2019 Origin (a popular USA made BJJ gi company) Immersion camp. It was an emotional moment for Echo after so many years training and he seemed to be caught off guard. See the full video below.

Echo is an owner of Flixpoitpoint.com which the company responsible for the production of The Jocko Podcast.

Echo and his wife Sara have a son and a daughter. His twin brother Jade Charles is an entrepreneur and the founder of FragMob, a computer software company based in California.

Echo Charles Presenting style

Unlike Jocko and many of the guests on the podcast, Echo Charles does not have a military background. This allows him to ask questions in the voice of the listener. I suspect the majority of podcast fans have never served in the military so it is important to have somebody ask questions that may not occur to Jocko.

Echo is a regular guy and his laid back personality is also a nice counter to the more serious and focused Jocko. Echo is quickly able to lighten the mood which is regularly needed on a podcast that has plenty of hard hitting stories. The two hosts have a natural rhythm and banter and it is always fun to hear Jocko give Echo Charles a hard time.

Podcast Popularity

The Jocko Willink podcast has steadily grown in popularity since Echo and Jocko began recording in December 2015. They are on track to surpass 200 episodes by the end of 2019. The show regularly features in the top 25 list for podcast downloads. This has helped the show to attract well known guests such as Jordan Peterson.

As a result of the popularity of the podcast Echo has cultivated his own sizable following on Instagram where he currently has approximately 78K followers. He regularly posts inspirational videos and content relating to family, lifestyle and also gives fans a behind the scenes look at the shows production.