Eddie Bravo Invitational 14 – Full Results

EBI 14 “The Absolutes” saw the the return of Gordon Ryan in an attempt to defend his open weight title. The 3 time EBI champion dominated his first two matches but was taken to overtime by Casey Hellenberg in the Semi-Final . This set up a final with 2017’s breakout star Craig Jones. Like Ryan the Australian dominated his side of the bracket defeating all 3 of his opponents with heel hooks.

The final was a close match with neither man dominating the proceedings and both men transitioning into strong positions. The match went into overtime and it looked like it was over when Jones locked in a tight armbar on Ryan which he somehow managed to escape. Despite this he managed to secure victory with a rear naked choke in round 2.

Gordon Ryan winner

Image credit- Eddie Bravo Invitational


Round 1:
Gordon Ryan defeated Dan Borovic (Outside heel-hook)
Patrick Donabedian defeated Daniel O’Brien (Outside heel-hook)
Casey Hellenberg defeated Karen Darabedyan (triangle-armbar)
Chesseray Childrey defeated Adam Sachnof (Kimura)
Andrew Kimler defeated Rustam Chsiev (Quickest escape Overtime)
Aaron Johnson defeated Matt Kirchwhem (Quickest escape Overtime)
Marcel Goncalves defeated Travis Moore (RNC)
Craig Jones defeated Andy Burke (Heel Hook)

Quarter Finals:
Gordon Ryan defeated Patrick Donabedian (Armbar)
Casey Hellenberg defeated Chesseray Childrey (Armbar)
Aaron Johnson defeated Andrew Kimler (Armbar)
Craig Jones defeated Marcel Goncalves (Heel Hook)

Semi Finals:
Gordon Ryan defeated Casey Hellenberg (Quickest escape Overtime)
Craig Jones defeated Aaron Johnson (Heel Hook)

Gordon Ryan defeated  Craig Jones (RNC in overtime)