The growing popularity of BJJ Camps

Guest post by BJJ Camp Finder

Have you ever been to a BJJ Camp? It is an amazing experience! You get to learn from the best of the best in the world, make new friends, have an awesome time with like-minded people and the most exciting part – you get to roll with your idols! That is why in the recent years there have been more and more jiu jitsu Camps organized and we will tell you why is that a good thing. Keep reading on! 

Types of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Camps

There are camps organized suitable for everyone. 

If you like to get prepared for a competition, you can decide to go to a Competition Preparation camp. There you will train all day long, be on suitable diet and learn from the best. These camps are focused on BJJ training, sparring and physical preparation, not much on leisure and doing other things except BJJ

If you would like to combine your vacation time with training BJJ, there are the Leisure BJJ Camps. These camps offer 1-5 seminars per day, depending on the organizer, with established Professors. However, they offer other leisure activities other than BJJ, like going to the beach, if it is a summer camp, or doing winter sports, if it is a winter camp. Also, many of the camps organize social events, where you can get to know the participants outside of the mat and make friends for a lifetime. Some of the leisure ones can also be called Family Friendly Camps, since you can come with your whole family and have a great time even though you might be the only one training BJJ. 

Why have BJJ camps become so popular?

Well, there is a quite simple explanation! People who train BJJ like it so much, that they would prefer to combine travelling with BJJ training, rather than just go to a vacation and can’t wait to get back on the mat. Also, getting to learn from some World-famous professors and rolling with them, is an experience of a lifetime. BJJ camps are a way to let everyone, from white belts to black belts, learn from different professors and develop their game, while having fun and traveling the world. 

The difference between a Seminar and a Camp

If you are just at the beginning of your jiu jitsu journey, you might ask yourself why to attend a camp when you can attend seminars at your academy from visiting professors. First, you sure are lucky if you train in an academy where there are often seminars. However, that is not the case with all academies. For some BJJ practitioners, the only time they get to roll and learn from other people than their friends and instructors at the academy is at a competition or going to a seminar in another place. You see, seminars are a great way to learn new techniques and try out different things and learn from great professors. However, they last couple of hours and then you go home and back to training with the people you train every day. The difference between a camp and a seminar is that a camp first has more than one seminar, most probably few seminars per day; it lasts for 2-10 days, depending on the organizer; it is not just you and your buddies from your academy, but people from all around the world; after the seminars you get to spend your free time chatting and discussing jiu jitsu with people who share the same passion; there are also activities organized other than jiu jitsu! 

No matter how long you have been training, if you are passionate about jiu jitsu you should visit at least one camp in the future and see what this amazing experience is that we are talking about. If you would like to find the best verified BJJ Camps and book your spot, you should visit BJJ Camp Finder. Whether you are a white belt, or a color belt, or you look for leisure camp or preparation camp, you will find a camp that suits your needs. Make sure to train hard and have fun! OSS!