Best Women’s BJJ Gis

As women maneuver their way around the sport of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, there is only one thing that women could ever really want, and it’s a gi that’s perfectly fitted for the jiujitera of today. Since the female cut gis onslaught, we’ve carefully selected the best gis, so you know which ones you should consider wearing to your next training session.

When looking for a perfect women’s gi, there are a lot of things to consider. While men usually just go by A0- A5 or so, women’s gis is a little more complicated than the men’s counterpart. First and foremost, the fit is the goal. It shouldn’t be too loose, or else the opponent grabs slack too quickly, and it shouldn’t be too tight to restrict movement. Women also have a problem with thicker thighs and bigger buttocks. It’s a nice problem to have, but not with limited gi pants sizing for women. Many brands have now given the option to have pants with wider hips, much to our readers’ delight. Once you’re decided to get a gi and fully committed to starting training seriously, you’ll need to set a price point, and you’ll determine what gi to get.

We’ve carefully looked at all these factors and considered each point before deciding which one to get and for what purpose. Whether you’re training casually or a serious competitor, we’ve rounded up 5 of the Best Women’s BJJ Gis there are on Amazon that you can get right now.

Our choice for Best Overall. The Gold BJJ Women’s Aeroweave Gi is the women’s cut you’ve been looking for. It’s designed and refined by women athletes for women.

The Women’s Aeroweave Gi is 40% lighter than a standard pearl weave gi. Weighing only 275 GSM Pre-shrunk cotton, it’s less than a third of the average gi weight. The light material ensures you won’t be drenched after a tough training session. However, don’t let the lightweight material fool you. This gi is as strong as any standard double weave gi. The gi pants are made of 10 Oz ripstop material. The reinforced stitching is an added assurance that it won’t rip.

All Gold BJJ gis are backed by the Gold BJJ Guarantee. If for any reason you’re not thrilled with your Gi, you will get a replacement or a refund, no questions asked. Overall, the gi has a minimalistic design and is available in white, black, and royal blue with minimalistic branding, 100% competition-approved; this tops our list of next gi to buy for women.

Excellent Budget Option

BJJ is not a cheap sport to practice, and deciding to buy a gi could mean that you’ll have to skimp on quality if you don’t have much cash, but with Sanabul’s Women’s’  Essential Brazilian Jiu jitsu Gi, you won’t need to make t that choice. This is our pick for the Excellent Budget Option.

Sanabul started in 2014. Dissatisfied with the variety, cost, or availability of Jiu jitsu gis, Sanabul took matters into their own hands and started making their own high-quality good looking gis. They succeeded in disrupting the industry and then moved on to make martial arts items such as rash guards, gloves, shin guards, hand wraps, pads, and shorts.

Essentially a Women’s’ version of the best-selling Sanabul Essential Gis, this goes in the bag as an essential gi for daily training and competition that is perfectly-fitted women. This elegantly designed single-weave gi is the right choice as it is stronger than most other single weave gis in the market today. The fabric also has a performance treatment that helps to extend the lifespan of the gi. The material is pre-shrunk, so you won’t have to worry about it shrinking in the dryer.

So, if you are looking for the best bang for your buck when you’re starting out your Jiu jitsu journey, the Sanabul Women’s Essential BJJ Gi may be the right choice for you.

Best for Competition

Tatami is one of the go-to brands out there for BJJ Gis. Tatami releases many gis every year, and their flagship, the Estilo is a fan favorite for BJJ practitioners worldwide. Deciding which Tatami gi to get can be a little tricky since they have a wide variety to choose from. However, the Tatami Nova gi takes the cake for Best for Competition on our list.

Tatami calls the Nova Absolute BJJ Gi their most complete gi experience to date. Its 350 GSM Pearl weave jacket and 10oz tapered cotton pants make the Nova strong, durable, and lightweight at the same time. It comes with two shoulder patches that run from the collar to the lower part of your shoulder on both sides. The minimalistic design shows a clean, well-fitted gi that is easy on the eyes and in your pocket. The jacket is a primed athletic fit that features a shorter jacket and tapered pants. The set also comes complete with a white belt.

Another vital thing to consider about the Nova is the drawstring for the pants. While a cotton cord is not ideal, drawstring pants make everything way simpler. The Nova’s light material makes it easier to make weight for the lowest possible weight class at tournaments.

We’ve added two other options to our list as consolation prizes since a BJJ practitioner usually buys more than one gi when able. Heck, everyone who trains regularly usually has at least three gis in rotation.

The next on our list is the FLOURY lightweight Women’s Gi. This is a fun gi that you can use daily or as often as you want. It’s a fun mint green color, so it’s not competition legal, but being the only gi with a design from the others that made our list, this is an excellent addition to your collection.

While not IBJJF competition legal, this gi is still strong and can withstand your most intense training sessions at the gym with its reinforced seams and double back torso and cuff reinforcements that ensure the jacket’s strength. This gi doesn’t come with a white belt, though, so it’s not ideal as a first gi purchase.

The last contender on our list is the almighty Fuji Pink Women’s Gi.  There used to be a time in the early days of the sport where you had to earn the right to wear the pink gi. It was almost like the stripe on your belt for women. You had to learn the basics and learn how to defend yourself. However, we’ve since moved on from those days, and acquiring a pink gi is as easy as a click of a few buttons on Amazon. But the Fuji Pink  Women’s Gi still upholds its reputation as gi of choice for the cute badass women practitioners of today. Ronda Rousey wore this pink gi, and the demand for it went through the roof.

Fuji was the preferred brand to many, as they were generally more affordable than the original BJJ brands out there. They were also one of the first to introduce a women’s fit gi with slightly shorter arms, tapered sleeves, and pants made for women. The pants feature a slightly smaller waistline on its cotton twill pants, a cotton drawstring, and it also has a breast cancer ribbon and cherry blossom embroidery on the shoulders.

The Fuji Pink Women’s Gi is a mid-weight gi weighing 550 grams, has a traditional weave, and is made from its own FUJI premium cotton-blend material. This gi is the first nonblack or white gi that is approved for competition. We also consider this as a must-have because who are you kidding? You want a pink gi too.

When choosing a Kimono or gi that’s specifically cut for women, there’s so much to consider, not just the pricing. With all the choices from big and small brands alike, finding one for you can be intimidating or just downright confusing. Each brand has its own size chart and fits that you’ll never really know if a gi is for you until you get to experience and wear it yourself and do a couple of sprawls in them. For beginners, this can be a daunting task. If you have a new teammate, make sure you do your part and help them pick out a gi for them.

The good BJJ gi can complement your move or restrict your movement. You’ve got to pick wisely. A gi should add some form of protection from gi burns on yourself but should still feel comfortable enough to try fancy moves without ripping apart.

We’ve narrowed our guide down to three categories of weight, thickness, and durability. The aim is to ensure that you pick the right gi to help you progress further in your practice as you work towards getting your next belt.


Gi weight is significant. If you attend classes at night and work during the day, chances are you are lugging around your gi in your bag all day. Find a gi that won’t cause you back pain because Jiu jitsu will do enough of that soon. Kidding! If you pick a light gi, this will also help ensure you aren’t overweight during competitions.


Thicker gis makes it harder for your opponent to grab and maintain their controls. If it’s too thick, then you might unnecessarily be drenched in sweat too much. A lighter gi is a better choice when training during the summer or out of town. The type of weave is also a consideration as some weaves are thicker than others as well. Whether you decide on a pearl weave, a gold weave, single, or double weave, your comfort level should be what matters most.


While we’re all looking to reduce the prices of everything that we buy, ensuring that you get a durable gi – one that you can use several times a week when you train daily should be your deciding point. If you buy something too cheap with a low-quality single weave, it might actually cost you more in the long run. Go for quality instead.

Our choice and recommendation for Best Overall Women’s Gi are the Gold BJJ Women’s Aeroweave Gi.

The Women’s Aeroweave Gi is 40% lighter than a standard pearl weave gi. It weighs only 275 GSM, and its great lightweight material makes it ideal for you to have it on your bag at all times, especially if you’re always up for training no matter what day. The value for your dollar makes this gi ideal as a first gi for beginners, a competition gi for the serious competitor, and for the daily practitioner who subjects all the gis she buys to the dryer several times a week.