The Best Heavy Bag Gloves

The right tool for the right job! Wise words indeed. You wouldn’t grab a hot pot with a oven mitts, right? Don’t get burned buying the wrong heavy bag gloves.

Hitting the heavy bag puts an enormous amount of pressure on your knuckles, wrist, forearms, arms, and all the way up to your shoulder and back with each impact. If you’re always training on the heavy bag to build up your power, then here are the gloves I would recommend to help protect your hands!

My choice for best overall heavy bag glove. The Venum Elite has the pedigree to back it up. Handmade in Thailand, and coupled with all the features you need to fortify your arms as you train your way to the next level.

It’s got reinforced palms, long cuffs, and triple density foam, to protect your hands and wrists from the impacts of hitting the heavy bag.

Coming in a wide variety of weights and colors to choose from to fit your size and personality. The large velcro enclosure ensures easy on, easy off for the glove, even when you’re training solo.

Reinforced seams ensure the gloves’ longevity, coupled with premium skintex leather and the embossed Venum logo for that Elite level feel of quality at a price that’s well worth the investment.

You’re never gonna go wrong with these, which is why this is my choice for best overall.

High end, yes. Overpriced, definitely not. The world renowned, award winning T3 glove with luxurious Italian leather. The real full grain leather ensures that this glove is in it for the long run with you, taking hit after hit after hit, and only looking better with that timeless look that grows with use.

The dual-x interlocking velcro wrist straps and splinting system work to keep your wrist aligned, reducing chances of injury on your training sessions, locking up your wrist and lessening the chance of bending it with each throw.

Premium lining for the interior helps to regulate the temperature in the gloves for more comfort resulting in a longer workout without discomfort.

Multi-layered premium foam composition supplies plenty of knuckle protection, absorbing impacts and dispersing energy during training or sparring.

Luxurious look and feel, delivering brutal blow after blow, all the while keeping your hands safe in the best possible way that the Hayabusa glove offers.

The name gives away what this glove is really meant for. Bag work. You get these to really pound away at the punching bag without a care or worry in the world for anything else.

With a gel enforced lining that provides a custom form fit second to none, coupled with multiple layers of foam padding that provide unrivalled protection and impact resistance. The wraparound wrist strap is adjustable via a D-ring hook and loop closure that is shaped to be narrower at the D-ring and wider on the velcro end making it easy to put on and take off even with a gloved hand. The design also makes sure the strap doesn’t slip through the loop closure. 

Real cowhide leather outer, with reinforced double-stitching along the stress bearing seams. It also features a special hand compartment lining to keep your hands cool, dry and comfortable.

Weighing approximately 16 ounces (give or take a few ounces) for all sizes from small to XX-large. This glove deliver what its name says.

That classic look never goes out of style. And you’ve got that iconic name behind it that just oozes timelessness. These are some of the best priced gloves for their purpose out there too.

The powerlock design guides your fist into a natural position for punching, and the layered foam construction allows for a compact glove design that provides the best balance of speed, comfort, and protection, while delivering a powerful punch.

The premium synthetic leather is durable and is ideal for mitt-work and heavy bag use, but is no slouch for sparring as well. A no nonsense glove that looks great now and always and provides an epic training session to boot. Traditional looks. Modern punching power. Made in the USA

The legendary Fairtex. Makers of gloves (and other equipment) that are no stranger to exorbitant amounts of fighting abuse. These were designed with Muay Thai stand-up fighting, and grappling and clinching thrown in the mix for good measure.

The open thumb design allows for execution of said grappling and clinching techniques, and the full-wrist wrap hook & loop closure provides for maximum wrist support and control.

The top-grain leather shell is very high quality, and the uni-layered high-density latex foam core system is hard wearing and provides excellent protection and padding from impacts.

Handmade in Thailand, and available in a huge variety of colors to suit your tastes.

How to choose the right bag glove

There are so many different types of boxing gloves, but just choosing the right kind of bag glove can already be daunting. Making an informed choice early can save you from developing bad habits and techniques, and can ensure that you’re protected during your sessions, and make the overall experience better.

There are a couple of styles of bag gloves. Contemporary gloves look like typical competition gloves with a closed thumb. Traditional bag gloves are more lightweight and some feature an open thumb.

Padding is another aspect to consider. There are many types, including injected molded foam which conforms to the shape of the fist and allowing for more padding over the knuckles. Layered foam are sheets of foam with varying density. Usually, the other layer is denser for durability, while the inner layers are more pliable and softer for comfort. Gel padding is heavy, but is usually used in conjunction with foam padding for superb impact resistance.

Bag gloves can also come in different weights with the lighter gloves oriented towards speed, while the heavier gloves are more focused on power development.

Real leather as an outer covering is more hard-wearing, while synthetic leathers are geared more to the recreational boxer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boxing Gloves

Q: How do I clean boxing gloves?

A: Moisture is the number one cause for the breakdown of boxing gloves. After your workout, wipe down any excess moisture from both inside and outside of the gloves. Leaving moisture to stay on your gloves will result in the breakdown of the leather (real or synthetic) faster, and allows mildew and molds to grow which is the source of stinky odors in boxing gloves. You can then use soapy water to wipe down the surfaces, or use disinfectant wipes which is what I would recommend. Air out your gloves. If your gloves are already smelly, leaving a few dryer sheets in them can help. Here’s a short video that provides a guide on how to care for your gloves.

Q: Why do we use hand wraps for boxing?

A: The hand wrap is not necessarily there to pad your knuckles. That’s what the boxing glove is for. Instead, the wrap secures your hand when you close it and makes sure your fingers and knuckles don’t compress into each other, resulting in a more solid fist that provides a more powerful punch. Check out this short video on how and why we wrap your hands for boxing.

Q: What is the best boxing glove?

A: A lot of people ask this question a lot, unfortunately there is no clear cut answer to it. That’s because it’s subjective and really depends on what you need the glove for. There are plenty of excellent brands out there from Title, Cleto Reyes, and Winning to name a few, but what I would ask a person looking for an answer is what is the main purpose of the glove (is it for competition or bag or sparring sessions), and what is their price range? Based on how someone responds, I would be able to give a recommendation.

Final Thoughts on Finding The Best Heavy Bag Glove of 2021

With so many different types of to choose from, and so many options for each type, demystifying what boxing glove to use for what purpose is a bit of a challenge to say the least. For the heavy bag glove, there are plenty of specific choices that will do exactly what you’ll need it to do which is hit a punching bag and make sure that your hands are protected so you can work out longer and grow stronger safely.

My choice for best overall glove for this category is the Venum Elite. It ticks of all the right boxes to make it a great addition to your gear bag. Pedigree, comfort, durability, style, and budget. If you had to choose one glove for bag workouts, this would be it.