The Best Soaps for BJJ and Combat Sports

If you do Brazilian Jiu, Jiu-jitsu, MMA, wrestling or any close contact sports you should take the time to invest in a good Antibacterial and Antifungal Soap.

Sports gyms can be a breathing ground for bacteria and the risk of a Staph infections is high. As someone who has had one of these infections in the past, trust me you never want to have it or even be close to it. They are gross and very dangerous if not treated early.

Some gyms are cleaner than others but even with the regular washing of mats and equipment you cannot completely remove the risk of infection. One thing you can do though is to establish a solid personal hygiene routine that ensures that you clean any harmful bacteria off you contract an infection. In order to do that you will need some decent soap.

After reviewing many products over the years here is my list of the best Antibacterial and Antifungal Soaps.

Gold BJJ Submission Soap
492 Reviews
Gold BJJ Submission Soap
  • NATURAL PROTECTION FOR JIU JITSU AND WRESTLING 💪 Gold BJJ's Submission Soap is made from a unique blend of essential tea tree oil and essential eucalyptus oil, formulated to keep you on the mats.
  • HANDMADE IN THE USA 🇺🇸 Our bar soap is hand crafted in small batches right here in the USA. Now available in 3 scents: Classic Tea Tree, Peppermint Tea Tree, and Activated Charcoal Tea Tree.
  • REINFORCE YOUR NATURAL SKIN DEFENSE 🛡️ Your skin has a natural line of defense that can be broken down by soap and body wash with harsh chemicals. Sub Soap is all natural, great for sensitive skin.
  • ONLY THE GOOD STUFF 🌱 Our soap is vegan, cruelty free and GMO free. Jiu Jitsu athletes and wrestlers around the world trust Submission Soap to keep them training hard and smelling great.
  • NOW AVAILABLE IN A BODY WASH 🚿 Prefer a body wash shower gel? Sub Soap is now available in a liquid version. To find it on Amazon, just search: Gold BJJ Body Wash

Best Overall

Gold BJJ’s Submission Soap is made with combat sport athletes in mind. It is made in the USA in small batches, and uses all natural ingredients as opposed to harsh chemicals.

Made from a blend of essential tea tree oil and essential eucalyptus oils this soap helps to protect against Ringworm, Jock Itch, Athlete’s Foot, and other fungal infections. It has a pleasant scent and lathers well in the shower.

Submission Soap is my top choice because it uses natural ingredients and is available in multiple scents (Classic Tea Tree, Activated Charcoal, and Peppermint) so you can mix it up and not get bored with the same old soap year-round.

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Defense Soap 4 Ounce Bar
7,411 Reviews
Defense Soap 4 Ounce Bar
  • CLINICALLY PROVEN NATURAL TEA TREE OIL AND EUCALYPTUS OIL provide a broad spectrum of benefits effective at thoroughly washing
  • PROVEN IN THE WORLD OF CONTACT SPORTS TO EFFICIENTLY REMOVE dirt, grime, gym crud, sweat, smog, allergens, grunge, and built up oils
  • HIGHEST QUALITY WASH WITH SUPERIOR RINSING ACTION restores the skin's natural barrier and helps controls the production of sebum and dead skin cells
  • HYPOALLERGENIC AND SAFE eucalyptus scent for sensitive skin. Triple milled for quality, consistency and longevity
  • NATURAL, FREE & CLEAR with no fragrances, dyes, cosmetics, petrochemical compounds, triclosan, alcohol or sodium lauryl sulfate. A natural soap for men, women, and children.

Runner Up

Perhaps the most popular soap on the list for athletes, Defnse Soap is only slightly more expensive than your average store bought soap but it is well worth the couple of extra bucks.

The 100% natural ingredients are derived from Australian tea tree oil and eucalyptus oils. When using it is easy to work up a dense lather that ensures a thorough wash. The scent of the soap is also very pleasant.

Some of these stronger soaps can work well but can make the skin very dry. I am happy to report that is not the case with Defense soap.

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The Yellow Bird Soap Bar
5,185 Reviews
The Yellow Bird Soap Bar
  • Clears Skin Naturally for a healthy, soft glow. Our Charcoal Soap is great for men and women with all skin types! A great everyday organic face cleanser and body wash for those suffering with acne, eczema, psoriasis, or rosacea.
  • Chemical-Free Skincare. Made with the highest grade natural and certified organic ingredients that are less likely to irritate or dry sensitive skin. Formulated with activated charcoal and moisturizing shea butter to remove blemishes and impurities.
  • A Perfect Face And Body Wash. We make our soap by hand in the USA through traditional, small batch, cold processed method to best preserve the quality and effectiveness of our all-natural ingredients.
  • Lather Up And Feel Amazing with the calming scent of lemongrass and lavender, two powerfully astringent essential oils that will keep skin glowing and looking healthy.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - You’re going to love what our natural soap can do. We’re so confident that we’ll even guarantee it. Every product we sell comes with a 30 day, 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. If at any point over the next month you don’t love your facial treatment, simply send it back and we’ll give you a full refund.

Made by hand and in small controlled batches the yellow bird company have taken the time to ensure the consistency of their natural brand of soap. Made from a number of oils including Tea tree, Peppermint oil, Sunflower Oil, Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Cajeput,and Coconut Oil. Ech oil has different bacteria fighting qualities which ensures that your body is protected from any potential threat.

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Antifungal Tea Tree Oil Body Wash
10,026 Reviews
Antifungal Tea Tree Oil Body Wash
  • TEA TREE BODY SOAP – This tea tree body and foot wash has been clinically tested and approved. It is infused with 100% pure and natural tea tree oil offering itchy skin relief and skin irritation relief.
  • TEA TREE OIL BODY WASH – This acne body wash and eczema body wash is a calming nail fungus and athletes foot treatment. The full body wash is a tea tree soap and shower body wash for dry itchy skin and body odor.
  • HEALTHY SKIN, HEALTHY FEET – This bath body wash contains moisturizing and nourishing ingredients which makes it great as a skin moisturizer and skin exfoliator. Soothing for dry cracked feet and heels.
  • EXTRA STRENGTH EXFOLIATING BODY WASH - Our tea tree shower gel contains the maximum allowed 5% concentration of tea tree oil which is a higher concentration compared to other leading products.
  • MADE IN THE USA - Our mens body wash, for women too, is made using the Highest Quality Ingredients. It doesn’t contain alcohol, parabens or sulfates and is Cruelty Free.

Made from a number of oils including Melaleuca Alternifolia Seed Oil, this product comes as a body wash gel rather than a bar soap.

What I like about this soap is that it comes with a pump which is great for when showering. It also has a very strong concentration and a pleasant smell. Only issue for me is that it does not lather as well as other soaps on this list.

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