The Best BJJ Podcasts

Podcasting is as popular as ever. Data shows that podcast popularity has increased in all age categories and over 2/3 of Americans have reported that they regularly listen to podcasts.

In the BJJ and grappling world there are a number of established podcasts that put out regular content. Over the last few years there have also been a few new entries that have quickly managed to build a group of regular listeners. BJJ podcasts are primarily aimed at hobbyist grapplers and enthusiasts as well as people who are interested in competitive BJJ.

Here is our breakdown of the best BJJ podcasts currently available.


The Matburn Podcast

In 2019 Josh Hinger set up the Matburn Podcast with his friend and former team mate Keenan Cornelius. The Podcast overcame some early production issues to quickly become one of the best BJJ podcasts available. It is the only podcasts on the list that consistently gives the perspective of top level grapplers that are still actively competing. 

Hinger and Keenan have good chemistry too and Keenan’s laid back and jokey nature is the perfect match for Josh’s stiffer and sometimes cranky style of delivery. Keenan is the star of the show and his fascinating insights into modern day Jiu Jitsu make it easy to see why he has become a fan favorite in the BJJ community. The pairs standing in competitive BJJ also gives them access to some of the biggest names in BJJ who feature regularly on the podcast.

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The Grappling Central Podcast

Grappling Central is perhaps the most popular BJJ podcast currently. It is run by Purple Belt grappler Ryan Ford with help from his wife Karen.

The podcast has featured some excellent interviews with some of the biggest names in BJJ and has gained a large following as a result. Ryan has a nice style and rhythm that allows the conversation to flow seamlessly. Guests range from top competitors, coaches, to MMA fighters, doctors, nutritionists and combat experts. Each podcast provides interesting insights into the BJJ world and the production is always solid

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Grapplearts – The Strenuous Life Podcast with Stephan Kesting

Grapplearts is another well known podcast that has been going for a number of years. It is run by BJJ blackbelt Stephen Kesting who has over 30 years in martial arts experience. You may recognize Stephen from his popular technique breakdowns on Youtube.

Over the years he has produced numerous DVDs, articles and newsletters which have been read by millions. His podcast is released on a weekly basis and features a really interesting mix of guests.

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Flograppling – A Fistful of Collars

Over the past number of years Flograppling have established themselves as the kings of quality BJJ and grappling content. If you are willing to pay the subscription fee you can access tonnes of excellent BJJ content that is released on a weekly basis. They have a team fof full time professionals that are cover the biggest events in the sport.

Flograppling also have a regular podcast where they discuss the top stories in BJJ and preview some of the big upcoming events. The podcast is heavily focused on competition BJJ but there is lots more here for casual fans for may not follow sport BJJ very closely. Their access to great guests and the professional production has already made this one of the best bjj podcasts around.

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The BJJ Brick Podcast

The BJJ brick podcast is run by longtime friends Byron Jabara, Gary Hull and Joe Thomas. They are based in Kansas City and all share the same passion for BJJ.

On their podcast they chat about their training, trends in BJJ, diet, coaching, MMA, self defense and many other topics. The podcast also feature excellent guests from the world of BJJ and grappling. The podcast has a nice flow and always makes from some easy listening.

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The Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood Podcast

The Jiu Jitsu Brotherhood is run by Nic Gregoriades. Nic was the first person to receive a Black Belt from the legendary Roger Gracie. He has competed at the highest level of the sport and has a passion for BJJ that he shares through his website and regular podcast.

The podcast features interviews with interesting high level grapplers and BJJ personaliaities. The show features episodes that discuss training, philosophy, health, conditioning and many other aspects relating to the jiu jitsu lifestyle.

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The Chewjitsu Podcast

Chewjitsu is the home of Nick Albin (also known as Chewy). He is a BJJ black belt and coach.

Chewy’s BJJ Youtube channel has become massively popular among the grappling community in recent years for his regular breakdowns and musings on Jiu Jitsu. Chewy also has his own podcast series where he is regularly joined by guests to discuss various different BJJ topics. The podcast and content is aimed at hobbyist grapplers and features lots of useful information that will be of interest to older grapplers.

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The Joe Rogan Experience

Ok so this one is not technically a BJJ podcast. However Joe does frequently discuss grappling  and arguably there is nobody in the world who has done more to promote Brazilian Jiu Jitsu than Joe Rogan. His podcasts are massively popular and he regularly takes the time to publicly espouse his love for BJJ and the positive effect it has had his own life.

He has had lots of great BJJ guests over the years including John Danaher, Garry Tonon, and Rickson Gracie.

The podcast also regularly features Rogans good friend Eddie Bravo who is the founder of the 10th Planet BJJ organisation. Eddie’s alternative view on Jiu Jitsu (and life) always makes for some fun listening.

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